Search and Spot – GO!

The followup to Search and Spot Animals! Search and Spot GO! polished by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, comes out in October. More patterns! This time with a transportation theme and vehicles of all kinds. Challenge yourself to find the right bus. Find your way to the hospital on the map and find the submarine under the waves! I had so much fun making this, I hope you will have fun too!


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Punch Out and Play

I had the pleasure of working with Chronicle Books on this project that comes out in August 2016. It was sooo much fun working on this and I hope that joy will translate to everyone who plays. I got the opportunity to use my patterns and textures to make these puzzles and classic games into a pattern extravaganza. Each activity has it’s own envelope with rules of the game as well as showing the unique black and white pattern each game has on the back for easy identification. And if you wonder who the kids are on the Tic Tac Toe – it’s my husband and I!

To buy go to:

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Around the World

Here are some postcards for around the world

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Search and Spot Animals!

I am so excited about my new book (my 10th!) that comes out today! Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt this book combines 2 of my passions. My love for patterns and animals. I had a sooo much fun with this one!!! AND look how cute the French cover is 🙂

And let me mention the follow up, “Search and Spot, Go!” that I just am fining up. It’s full of helicopters, bikes, ships and all kinds of things that go. Go! will be in stores fall 2016.

Publisher’s weekly review click here.

To buy Search and Spot, click here.


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Brooklyn Changing

I have been documenting the big building boom/gentrification going on Down Town Brooklyn for a while. Fulton Street, you can tell, was once a shopping esplanade “a la Paris”, which became rundown and sleazy  in the 1950 after the highways that were built led the gentry to move and abandon Brooklyn for the suburbs. Now the 99c stores are disappearing, replaced mostly by chain stores who can afford the rent. Once again, everything changes.

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A Line Can Be


I am thrilled about my first board book, A Line Can Be! It’s being published in March 15 by POW/PowerHouse.  Viking has published 4 hard cover “Line” books, but this 5th “Line” book should really be the first!

It’s an autobiography of my Line! In this book the Line shows what it can do, where it can go and what it can be, rather then telling a story as in all the other Follow the Line books.




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Killer heels

This was such a fun assignment from the Brooklyn Museum. I was asked to design a line of products to be sold in the museum store, for a show about shoes. How fabulous  is that?!



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There are inspiring scenarios all over and I find them everywhere, inside and outside. I always regret when I didn’t shout, STOP THE CAR!!!, or I didn’t turn around and walked back to get that shot of that special place. Here are some examples of when I did!

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MoMa Art While You Eat

I again worked with Chronicle Books on this pad with 50 (!) sheets for MoMA. The prompts and designs on each sheet encourages kids to draw and make their own placemats. It’s a little bit overwhelming at first glance starting a project with so many pieces of art. When you get into the 3rd round of sketches, you can easily find yourself in a big mess if you haven’t  been keeping everything well organized from the start. But it all went very smoothly and a pleasure as always working with Chronicle and MoMa.

A couple of things you didn’t know:

My daughter Violet is the proud creator of the beautiful hamburger and carrot on the cover.

I got the idea that I wanted some photographed green peas on the plate on the cover. But when it turned out to be impossible to find perfectly round, wrinkle free peas to shoot, I used green bubblegum instead!


You can buy here,


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I Can’t Help Myself!

This book doesn’t come out until May, but I couldn’t wait to give a preview.  I had the honor and pleasure of illustrating  the Australian author Mem Fox’s new book. I just got my first copy in the mail today and I am so excited. I love it! It’s crazy! It’s like candy!

For me the process of authoring is full of  pressure, responsibility and a little angst ridden. My fun starts when I can go to final on the art.  That’s a place where I am really comfortable and where I belong,  so illustrating another author’s children’s book (which is something I said I would never do!) was just just fun, fun, fun. I hope you like it too!





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I get asked often where I get my inspiration. I usually say that I don’t know, that things just pop up in my head. Images and colors appear as out of “nowhere”. But where do they come from? I believe it must have been something that I at one point have “taken in, that’s “coming out”?

I don’t look much at art or go to art museums or galleries. To me the interesting part is already over when a painting is hung on the wall. I am interested in the “problem solving” aspect of creating. The problem solving for a “fine artist”, to me, seems to be a deeply personal process and If  I’m not intimately familiar with an artists life and process, I am usually not that interested… Unless of course  it’s very beautiful with shapes and colors or techniques that “speak to” or interest me.

Where you really get to see problem solving is in design. To me looking at a beautiful AND functional chair is much more interesting than paint on a canvas. “Utilitarian” graphic design, the kind that nobody pays attention to, the kind that’s just there, is were I find some amazing gems. You’ll find them on signs, labels, tickets, menus, text books, and let’s not forget packaging!  That’s why I find a trip to the flea market, corner deli, supermarket, airport, pharmacy and my favorite – the hardware store,  much more inspiring than a gallery.

I have my little collections of things. “On Board Safety Brochures” from different airlines (btw, who designs these treasures?). Cans, Old Betty Crocker cook books.  And yes, I do have a box fetish! Enjoy my little collection and hope it will inspire!

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Glimpses of Nature

As a committed city girl my nature experiences are a somewhat limited. Sometimes nature comes to me in small glimpses, and that’s enough. I’m not  going camping anytime soon.

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Behind the Scenes, MoMa Play Town

Working with Chronicle Books on this project for MoMa is one of the most inspiring, challenging and fun jobs that I have ever been assigned. A creative dream with technical difficulties that I have never faced professionally before. I felt like I was back in art school!  One of my favorites  in this group of 9 structures is the hospital (I felt like a genius when I designed that one!) And here you can see the design process, from start to finish.

First is one of my own rough sketch paper constructions.

Second is the more elaborate “dummy” that I printed out and glued together full size, photographed, and sent to client.

Third comes the final artwork in the template ready for print.

Fourth is how it turned out in the end!

Then comes a variety of the full-size dummies that I photographed and sent to the client for approval. If you compare with the pics of the final product in the post below,  you can see what changes I made.


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MoMa Play Town

I was thrilled to work with Chronicle Books on this project for MoMa. New challenges. Building structures. Volume. Thinking in 3D. All new to me. Designing this slot-together cityscape that can be put together “the right way” or “your own way” was a big challenge . But oh, what fun I had!  Play Town will be available July 2012.


You can order here.


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Did I Do That? (From the depths of my flat files)



In my studio I have these 4 gigantic flat files. There are 20 drawers containing art dating all the way back to my childhood, through my art school years and beginning of my  proffessional life.  Digging down in this “artmine”, which these days is expanded with a digital one, is almost like time travel. Some things I remember very well, and bring back  lots of emotions and memories. And then there are things that make me say  – did I really do that? Phew…


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Growing Up

Growing up, I was always drawing. I would create patterns, mostly black and white, and I would fill page after page with shapes, sometimes mixed in with objects. I would draw in school during class and soon I was decorating school diplomas and announcements for my school.

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Show and Tell

In my book Follow the Line to School that came out July 2011 I have worked with placing photographed objects in the artwork. Sometimes I went on a hunt for a specific object or sometimes I used something I had already in my files. As an example, when I needed an image of a car, I remembered the photo I had taken a while earlier of a pink Volkswagen Beetle in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Here is a little “Show and Tell” of the origin of some of the photographed images in the book.

At the end is a spread from Follow the Line Through the House. On the wall in the bedroom is a framed photograph.  That picture is one of my favorite photographs from my childhood. It’s my twin brother and I on vacation in Torremolinos, Spain, in 1968. I still remember how much I loved that dress and how proud I was to show off that the lining of the jacket has the same fabric as the dress. Tres chic!

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Old Treasure

In 1986 when I was living in Stockholm, Sweden, attending graphic art school I found a treasure in a container. In a little old wooden box, that once had contained butter, were old large photographic glass negatives. I locked myself in my school’s darkroom for a weekend and developed tiny “contact sheet” images.

3 small, black and white photographs, the size of the negatives themselves have been kept in a box all these years and followed me across the Atlantic to New York. One day recently, I decided to scan these images into my computer, blow them up and retouch them in Photoshop. To my absolute amazement, faces and personalities appeared with such detail and clarity that it was a little spooky.  I was looking into faces that were looking back at me from what I would guess was around 1925-30.

I contacted a museum in Stockholm that informed me that this was the KFUM’s (Swedish scout organization) gymnasts, and that the group picture was taken at their headquarters that used to be at Snickarbacken 7 in Stockholm.

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Makes Me Smile


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When my daughter was younger, she could not say the word “graffiti”. She would pronounce it, “garfitti”. So when I thought of a name for this post, that seemed just right –  Garfitti.

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