Old Treasure

In 1986 when I was living in Stockholm, Sweden, attending graphic art school I found a treasure in a container. In a little old wooden box, that once had contained butter, were old large photographic glass negatives. I locked myself in my school’s darkroom for a weekend and developed tiny “contact sheet” images.

3 small, black and white photographs, the size of the negatives themselves have been kept in a box all these years and followed me across the Atlantic to New York. One day recently, I decided to scan these images into my computer, blow them up and retouch them in Photoshop. To my absolute amazement, faces and personalities appeared with such detail and clarity that it was a little spooky.  I was looking into faces that were looking back at me from what I would guess was around 1925-30.

I contacted a museum in Stockholm that informed me that this was the KFUM’s (Swedish scout organization = YMCA) gymnasts, and that the group picture was taken at their headquarters that used to be at Snickarbacken 7 in Stockholm.

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