MoMa Art While You Eat

I again worked with Chronicle Books on this pad with 50 (!) sheets for MoMA. The prompts and designs on each sheet encourages kids to draw and make their own placemats. It’s a little bit overwhelming at first glance starting a project with so many pieces of art. When you get into the 3rd round of sketches, you can easily find yourself in a big mess if you haven’t  been keeping everything well organized from the start. But it all went very smoothly and a pleasure as always working with Chronicle and MoMa.

A couple of things you didn’t know:

My daughter Violet is the proud creator of the beautiful hamburger and carrot on the cover.

I got the idea that I wanted some photographed green peas on the plate on the cover. But when it turned out to be impossible to find perfectly round, wrinkle free peas to shoot, I used green bubblegum instead!


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