I get asked often where I get my inspiration. I usually say that I don’t know, that things just pop up in my head. Images and colors appear as out of “nowhere”. But where do they come from? I believe it must have been something that I at one point have “taken in, that’s “coming out”?

I don’t look much at art or go to art museums or galleries. To me the interesting part is already over when a painting is hung on the wall. I am interested in the “problem solving” aspect of creating. The problem solving for a “fine artist”, to me, seems to be a deeply personal process and If  I’m not intimately familiar with an artists life and process, I am usually not that interested… Unless of course  it’s very beautiful with shapes and colors or techniques that “speak to” or interest me.

Where you really get to see problem solving is in design. To me looking at a beautiful AND functional chair is much more interesting than paint on a canvas. “Utilitarian” graphic design, the kind that nobody pays attention to, the kind that’s just there, is were I find some amazing gems. You’ll find them on signs, labels, tickets, menus, text books, and let’s not forget packaging!  That’s why I find a trip to the flea market, corner deli, supermarket, airport, pharmacy and my favorite – the hardware store,  much more inspiring than a gallery.

I have my little collections of things. “On Board Safety Brochures” from different airlines (btw, who designs these treasures?). Cans, Old Betty Crocker cook books.  And yes, I do have a box fetish! Enjoy my little collection and hope it will inspire!

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